Las Vegas Casinos To Be Hurt By US Online Gambling Crackdown

Las Vegas Casinos To Be Hurt By US online gambling Crackdown
Las Vegas casinos have already been hurting financially since the economic recession
and last Friday’s federal crackdown on the Internet gambling industry will only hurt the land based casinos more this summer.

Las Vegas Casinos Hoping Mob Personality Will Lure Back Gamblers
Las Vegas casinos have tried almost everything to bring gamblers back to Sin City
and now they are returning to their roots. Two new mob attractions are the key to what casinos hope will be an increase in gambler activity in Sin City.

WSOP Cannot Come Soon Enough After Las Vegas Strip Revenue Falls
After a couple of positive months
Las Vegas Strip casinos took another step back in January
with revenue dropping by almost three percent. The decrease has casino officials yearning for May and the World Series of Poker.

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