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Guess the Slot Competition – $100 Cash Prize

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Guess the Slot Competition – $100 Cash Prize
Win $100 cash prize in the CasinoMan ‘Guess the Slot’ competition. All you have to do is to identify which online slot machine this months symbol comes from, and you could win a $100 cash prize! Read more about it at

Titan Poker Guarantees 30 Seats to Irish Open 2011 (Press Release)
LONDON, March 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — ( , the leading online poker room in Europe, will stage an Irish Open 2011 Mega Super Satellite tournament on April 3 awarding 30 guaranteed packages to the Irish Open 2011 Main Event ( is also currently staging a Go Live poker promotion ( allowing its players to qualify Related Articles:– Wins Best Poker Customer Service Award–Team Titan Player Sam Trickett Dominates Aussie Millions Tournaments–Titan Poker’s All-In Winter Offers Something for Every Poker Player

Governor Patterson Set To Approve Casino In Catskills

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Governor Patterson Set To Approve Casino In Catskills
The state of New York has never been one to be left behind when it comes to current trends. That may be why Governor David Patterson is set to sign off on a deal that would bring full scale casino gambling to the Catskills.

Competition Causes Tribal Gaming Revenue To Drop In The US
For decades, Indian tribes in the US have enjoyed a monopoly on casino gambling in states across the US. Recent expansion, however, has hurt the tribe’s as revenue dropped at tribal casinos the past two years.

Should You Pay For a Casino Betting Guide?

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Should You Pay For a Casino Betting Guide?
There are so many free casino betting strategies and tips available online. You can simply search for these strategies and apply them on your favorite casino game. On the other hand, eBooks to guide you how to bet at casino available at both online and offline resources, you can buy them and learn the betting strategy from the eBook to profit from casinos. The question is: should you pay for a casino betting guide if you can find casino strategies from free online resources? General rule of thumb is: you don’t have to waste your money to buy a casino betting…

Exploring the St James Club, Antigua – Casino in Paradise
There are incredible casinos all over the world. Some are magnificent. St James’s Club in Antigua is one of the best in the world.  In 1784 the island of Antigua was  Great Britain’s most important Caribbean base. Even then, the island was a greatly respected place. Over the years, some things have changed. Let’s talk […]

How to Find a Winning Blackjack Strategy
Blackjack provides much better odds than many other casino games. So, if you manage to find a winning strategy to benefit from the odds, then you will be able to win at blackjack. The problem is most winning strategies that claim to work are not worked they claim for. So, it may not be easy to find a strategy that works to beat the game, the good news is there are many winning strategies available online either in free or paid format, you just need to find one and use it to win the game. Before you start finding a winning…

Hot Slots Promotion at Virgin Casino

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Hot Slots Promotion at Virgin Casino
A Hot Slots promotion is being offered at Virgin Casino to celebrate the launch of a new Noah’s Ark slots game at the site. The promotion will be giving away £20,000 in cash bonuses, and the amount of cash that a player can get ranges from £5 to £100 per day, depending on how active they are on the featured slots games from Monday 7 June and the end of Friday 11 June. That means there is up to £500 available for online slots players who play hard enough to qualify for that amount.

Mobile Slots
Mobile slots are the latest innovation in the world of online slots gaming, and allow anyone with a compatible mobile phone (and a suitable account with a mobile-friendly online casino) to play for real cash prizes whilst on the move. But how do mobile slots compare with their desktop ancestors, and are there any potential drawbacks to playing mobile slots? Read on and we’ll tell you all you need to know…

2005 New Online Casinos

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

2005 New Online Casinos
Here you will find the newest casinos of 2005.

Casino Secrets : Learn To Cheat The Online Casinos
You will be able to make on average $163.00 at every casino that you play. I done this over and over again. It’s fun and legal.

888 Online Casino Steps Up Advertising
888 Online Casino is stepping up their advertising to become not just only one of the best online gambling casinos but they also want the world to see them as part the entertainment industry. 888 is definitely taking advantage of the new relaxed advertisement rules for gambling by offering fun, interactive TV commercials such as a […]